1. Follow the MLH Code of Conduct

2. Follow all rules in the Discord Server

3. You must be a high school or middle school student (grades 6-12)

4. Teams may consist up to 4 people

5. You are not allowed to write any code before the hackathon starting date of June 19th at 1:00 PM EST

6. In order to attend and submit your project, you must fill out the sign up form

Any violation of these rules may be subject to consequences at the discretion at the staff.


Submission Information

1. You must include code in your submission (Preferrably a GitHub repo, attatched zips are allowed)

2. You must include a < 3 minute video showing your project

3. You must include a description of your project

Cross submissions are allowed as long as the other Hackathon you submit to is fine with it

Note that after you submit, you still will be able to edit your projectHowever any edits made past the end period of the hacking time may or may not be seen by judges depending on the time they judge your project