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over 1 year ago

Simplihacks Closing Day Instructions

Hey Hackers,

We hope everyone is enjoying Simplihacks so far! This message is being sent out in regards to what is going to happen for the rest of the hackathon:

The most pertinent topic at hand as we come to a close is project submission instructions. We have made a tutorial walking you through how to do so which may be found here:

There are two different deadlines, the soft deadline and the hard deadline:

  • the Soft Deadline (10 AM EST) is the time that you must have your project submitted by, this is so we have enough time to filter through for our cheating checks and setup the judges behind the scenes
  • the Hard Deadline (10:30 AM EST) is the time that you must have all edits completed, this means you may no longer edit your project submission on DevPost, and/or any further edits may/may not be seen by judges

So far we already have a couple of submissions which is great! We recommend taking another look at your submissions and double check to see if you want to make any further changes before the Hard Deadline. 

In regards to events and workshops:

There are still more events! Tomorrow morning at 8:00 AM EST, we will be holding our TypeRacer competition! Hopefully your fingers are not worn out from all that coding! We hope you come on down and race some others. Soon as well, School Simplified will be releasing their Official Minecraft Server!!! Stay tuned for that!

An hour before the soft deadline at 9:00 AM EST we will be holding an office hours FAQ for submitting to DevPost. Come on by if you want some feedback on your submissions, and/or have any questions or issues with it.

All workshops (with the exception of some sponsor ones) will be uploaded to our YouTube channel for those who couldn't make it to some and want to see.

The Closing Ceremony will take place at 5:00 PM EST on the School Simplified YouTube Channel LIVE. Prizing will be finalized and distributed throughout the next 1-3 weeks. Please check your email if you win and/or submit a project for instructions regarding prizes afterwards.

Once again, we thank you all so much for attending! Without all of you this event would have not been possible. Can't wait to see all of you hacks!

Good Luck!

- The Simplihacks Team